About Us

Living Facilities

Caribou Rehab and Nursing Center, built in 1973, is owned and operated by the Cyr family. We understand the concerns of families who face difficult and life-changing decisions about aging, ill, or injured loved ones. We have always has been actively involved in the management of the facility. We are part of the local community and believe that every customer should be treated with respect and dignity.

Our family subscribes to "the owner in the store" philosophy and strives to render the fairest and highest quality care attainable given the finances and rules within which we have to work. We also conduct our business according to the following Core Values:

  1. Truth. At Caribou Rehab & Nursing Center, we believe it is our responsibility to conduct all aspects of our business truthfully and honestly. Only by doing so do we gain the trust of residents, family members, and staff.
  2. Teamwork. We believe in the value each employee contributes as a team member, and we value the thoughtful expression of opinions. Our performance depends both on individual excellence and on how well we work together.
  3. Respect for all. We believe in respecting all we serve and employ, by valuing opinions, guarding privacy, and acting responsibly.
  4. Quality. Our desire is to satisfy customers in an atmosphere that encourages innovations and continuous quality improvement, where each staff member strives to do the right thing and everyone feels personally responsible for delivering a quality experience to our customers.

Caribou Rehab and Nursing Center is a clinical training site for Caribou Adult Ed and Caribou Regional Technology Center's CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) programs and for Northern Maine Community College and University of Maine - Fort Kent RN (Registered Nurse) programs.

"Your employees are to be applauded for their care and concern. ALL employees from housekeeping and maintenance to the CNAs, helpers and nurses. They became my mom's extended family. At the end of my mom's life I came in one morning to find one of your off-duty staff sitting with her until I got there so she would not be alone. Where else would I find that degree of caring. Placing someone you so deeply love in the care of others is a difficult thing. I am here to tell you from the bottom of my heart - Thank you, thank you all. What you have done will not be forgotten."

~ Jay K.