What Nurse Assistants Actually Do

Following is a list of 12 major themes found among the many tasks associated with CNA jobs, followed by examples that illustrate the actual tasks.

  1. Direct support, treatment, and training of patients. Assist patients with personal care and comfort, such as bath, oral hygiene, grooming, elimination, and positioning, and help patients improve their ability to function more independently by providing training in various activities of daily living.
  2. Follow procedures and policy guidelines. Maintain confidentiality regarding patients' medical, mental, and residency status and adhere to Health Information Accountability and Portability Act (HIPAA) guidelines and company policies.
  3. Take measures, gather data, observe, and interpret patient information. Recognize changes in a patient's condition such as abnormal values in vital signs, intake, and output.
  4. Document and record actions and information. Record completed tasks in charting system to document information and patient care.
  5. Maintain safety standards for patients and employees. Use universal precautions when handling bodily fluids and properly clean or dispose of materials soiled by bodily fluids.
  6. Interact with patients and family in appropriate and supportive ways, and promote well-being. Provide a customer-friendly environment by communicating in a professional and courteous manner with all age groups.
  7. Give feedback and information to other nursing and medical staff. Keep registered nurses informed of patient status, and report changes immediately.
  8. Work with a team. Work with co-workers to provide quality care.
  9. Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor. Dress appropriately, maintain personal hygiene, and apply respectful communication skills with team members and customers.
  10. Conduct detailed work independently and efficiently. Perform routine or repetitive tasks with proper care and attention.
  11. Continue personal development and training. Maintain job competency through continued training.
  12. Contend with and resolve conflicts. Maintain ability to remain calm and in control during verbal and physical threats from customers and others.


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Become a CNA

Looking for a rewarding job with benefits? Consider becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

Click here to learn what a CNA job entails.

The Caribou Adult Education conducts classes for a CNA course several times a year. Contact them at (207) 493-4272 for more information.

CNAs are in great demand all over the country, including Aroostook County. If you are a caring person who truly enjoys helping other people, you will not find a more rewarding career. It is hard work, but the effort you spend in helping others is returned to you many times with the satisfaction you bring home every day. You make a difference in other peoples' lives. For more information concerning CNA job duties, call the Director of Nursing at Caribou Rehab and Nursing Center (207 498-3102). Caribou and Presque Isle Rehab and Nursing Centers will pay the cost of your CNA training in exchange for a one year work commitment (minimum of 1,000 hours must be worked, which is an average of 20 hours per week)

Benefits include:

  • 3 1/2 weeks vacation/sick time
  • Extra Pay Holidays
  • Health Insurance Assistance
  • $15,000 Free Life Insurance after 1,000 hours of Full Time Work

To take advantage of this opportunity:

First: Contact Caribou Adult Education at 308 Sweden Street, Caribou or at (207) 493-4266 for a CNA course application. You must pass a test and be interviewed by the instructor before you are accepted into the CNA course.

Second: If you want Caribou or Presque Isle Rehab and Nursing Center to pay the cost for you, you need to fill out an application with them (different from above) AFTER you have been accepted into the course. For more information on this, call the Administrator at the Caribou Rehab and Nursing Center (207 498-3102) or the Administrator at the Presque Isle Rehab and Nursing Center (207 764-0145).

Caribou Rehab and Nursing Center is a clinical training site for Caribou Adult Ed and Caribou Regional Technology center's CNAs(Certified Nursing Assistant) programs and for Northern Maine Community College and University of Maine - Fort Kent RN (Registered Nurse) programs.

"We are very appreciative of the loving support each and everyone of you provided our mother. She loved you all and just sparkled when you smiled or gave her a hug. There were so many of those acts of kindness, caring, love and respect she experienced during her days... We are very grateful to you and very touched by our experience at the Caribou Nursing Home. You are an outstanding staff - No one knew that better than Velma and our family. Thank you."

~ Norma, Mary and Jack