Dietary Workers


Cooks are responsible for cooking meals according to planned therapeutic menus. They oversee tray assembly for residential meals, and supervise the dietary aides when the Food Service Supervisor is not present.

Dietary Aide

Dietary Aides are responsible for tray assembly according to residential therapeutic diet cards. They pour drinks, make salads, peel potatoes, portion out desserts, do dishes, clean the kitchen area and stock the kitchenettes throughout the building.

Candidates interested in the above positions may submit an inquiry via this form or come into the facility to complete an application.


"We call you friends because that is what you became to our mother and grandmother. You spent every day with her, played, laughed and sang with her. You fed her, changed her and bathed her, and we know she was not in lack of care. But you even befriended her. It was so obvious in the way you interacted with her... We could not have asked for more for her in her last years and days and for this we thank you with all our hearts. I am only sorry that it has taken her death to tell you how much your are appreciated and how long you will be remembered for your great kindness and love."

~ The Byrams