Housekeeping Duties


Laundry Staff

The Laundry Staff is responsible for picking up soiled linen, washing it and delivering the clean linen, making sure all linen closets are fully stocked. They wash personal clothing and deliver it back to the resident's rooms and making sure everything is properly labelled.


The Housekeepers are responsible for making sure that all rooms are cleaned and disinfected properly in addition to cleaning public areas and offices. This includes dusting, sweeping, mopping, washing windows, bathrooms, etc.


Candidates interested in the above positions may submit an inquiry via this form or come into the facility to complete an application.


"The staff was always there ready to help and assist with any need of mom or the family. Even though my Dad can be difficult at times, he has never ceased to praise and think very highly of everyone at the nursing home. The cleaning crew would even speak to Mom. That has all meant a lot to me and I know the rest of the family as well."

~ David S.