What Our Skilled Nursing Patients Have to Say...

  • All I can say is all care was handled with care and compassion, with friendship and concern. Had many laughs with staff. The nurse's aides were excellent!
  • I would recommend this facility to anyone. I think my stay there when I broke my ankle was a wonderful stay.
  • The facility was excellent and I would not hesitate to go there again.
  • I was treated like royalty, I loved them all. ~ Marion G.
  • I felt so lucky to be assigned to Caribou-called it my Hotel Hilton.
  • I was at Caribou Rehab and was very satisfied with everything that was done for me. The place was very clean. Thank You.
  • I can honestly say all of the staff are professional in their capacity. I was treated and respected like I felt like a king. I would highly recommend the establishment and staff. Thank you so very much for all they did for me.
  • I loved each one of you dearly, even the cute guys in therapy. I love you all. ~ Adeline H.
  • I had wonderful care while I was there.
  • Everything and everyone was wonderful to me. I thank you all very much. ~ Elvona T.
  • I loved having a room to myself. I like being taken outside the facility for therapy. ~ Olive C.
  • Very pleased with all.
  • This is an excellent facility - one of the best in the state. Thank you for your wonderful service.
  • Everyone treated me very well when I was in there. Thank you very much. ~ Dorothy G.
  • Everything was just great. Everyone was nice. ~ Ralph O.
  • My stay was good and everyone was very nice and helpful. Thank you.
  • I love the CNH because it's clean and everyone is so nice and they take very good care of you.
  • Your staff is the most caring people I have ever met. They go above and beyond their nursing capabilities.